Necklace pendants are quite a powerful medium of portraying your sense of style as well as personality. Coming in different designs and shapes, including hearts, teardrops, round, oval and so on, you can count on them when you have a special feeling that you would either want to keep to yourself or share with everyone who gets to see them. Below are some of the most popular necklace pendants that have proving to be in great demand. Necklace pendants have different backgrounds including religious as well as traditionally oriented ones.

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It used to be predominantly a woman thing in the past to wear necklaces however, with a range of different emerging designs, coupled with the variety of materials and elements available to create these pendants and other items of jewellery from, they are now relevant to almost anyone regardless of their gender. This is why you will find both, necklace pendants for women as well as those for men readily available in the market.

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These are currently the best sellers on Amazon UK given that it is the largest online shopping platform and gives you a good idea on the popularity of any type of necklace pendants featured on their site.

Women’s Necklace Pendants *

If you are specifically shopping for women’s necklace pendants then the below list of necklace pendants for women is going to save you from making the wrong choice.  This is because womens pendants tend to be more delicate and representative of the female gender and usually more expensive compared to mens pendants too. But again, there are many lines of necklaces and pendants that are good for everyone irrespective of their gender or orientation.

Men’s Necklace Pendants *

Mens necklace pendants are slightly different from those ideally designed for women and the following list gives you an idea on which ones are popular right now. There are bigger varieties of necklace pendants designed for women than men but most pendants are suitable for both the genders.

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If the above lists of necklace pendants lack something that you may be specifically after then take a look at the following range handpicked for you from a few different online retailers that specialize in high quality jewellery. Whether you need a gold or a silver pendant or even a pendant that has an element of diamond it, you will sure be able to find something that would be difficult for you to let go of.

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