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gifts for cancer patients

Cancer has become a part of many people’s lives. Over the years, you may have heard about some crazy things that people have given to cancer patients, thinking they were being helpful when really they were not so much. So, it’s important to talk about a few things you would want to avoid, perhaps there would be other options you can choose instead.  

Roses Are Not Always Right For Cancer Patients *

Roses and a fresh bouquet may mean “I Love You”, but they can also, unfortunately, mean funeral. Cut flowers die quickly and while your heart is in the right place, you probably don’t want to be the one who brings the reminder of how fleeting life is to a person fighting to stay alive.

For example, one survivor shared how after coming home from surgery, she found a bunch of dead roses on her front porch, though they had been left by a kind-hearted person who just didn’t realize that by the time she got home, they would be nothing but dead stems and flower petals. Needless to say, it wasn’t a welcome gift. Some people also become highly sensitive to plant molds and bacteria during treatment, so it’s best to really just avoid them altogether.

The Right Ribbon Colours For Different Types Of Cancer *

cancer ribbons

Do you want to know how to instantly offend a cancer survivor? Give someone who doesn’t have breast cancer something covered with pink ribbons.  Even though the cancer world seems pink at times, that is only one of the many colors that are associated with different cancer types. So, it’s smart to avoid cancer ribbon products unless you’re absolutely sure you know what ribbon color signifies cancer they are fighting.

And while some people enjoy wearing cancer ribbons as a badge of courage and honor, others can see it as a symbol of their sickness. So, make sure you talk with them or one of their caregivers and ask what they prefer. When in doubt, getting a neutral gift that doesn’t have ribbons is the safest bet.

Best Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients *

Plant Perennials As A Gift For Cancer Patients *

For the same cost as cut flowers, you can plant wonderful perennials to put in their flower beds. These re-bloom yearly. While you’re at it, do some yard work without being asked to and for heaven’s sake, pull some of those weeds. That way, your kindness will be remembered for years to come, every time those flowers bloom.

It’s normal for cancer patients to experience a heightened sense of smell during treatment, it’s called hyperosmia, which is an exaggerated or abnormal acute sense of smell. So fragrances that may have once felt absolutely amazing might be really overwhelming and nauseating.  Patients talk about even the best smells, like things that they used to like, like cooking meat can make them sick or how they can smell chemicals in the cleaning aisle at the grocery from clear across its store. Smelly lotions can have that same effect too and while we’re on the topic of lotions, check the ingredients on the back of the bottle. If the lotion contains sulfates, parabens or petroleum among others, then it’s not the best choice for them or for you for that matter. When in doubt, avoid strong fragrances or simply ask what smells good to the person you are buying for, before you drop something off. Their nose will thank you.

Oversized Mugs For Cancer Patients *

They might enjoy getting an oversized mug wishing them an extra boost of comfort, nourishment or hugs and kisses. You can then fill it with useful, hand-picked items like cozy socks, lightweight mittens, lemon drops, and a handmade note. Every time they use it, even after treatment, they’ll think of you. And since its ribbon free, your kindness will be the welcomed memory, not the cancer experience.

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Handmade Blankets For Cancer Patients *

Many cancer survivors complain about being cold too, so perhaps you could send them a warm embrace, a soft & cozy handmade blanket, wrapping them in love, again, ribbon free but memory full!

Everyone can use an extra boost of something so when choosing gifts to make sure that you think before you get one.

So, now it’s your turn, what gifts would you love and what gifts would you like people to avoid giving you. Did you get a gift and think what were they thinking?

Recommended Gift Packages For Cancer Patients *

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Chemo Patient Comfort Gift Package &pipe; For Adults
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Breast Cancer Gift Package &pipe; For Women
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Final Stage Of Cancer Comfort Package &pipe; For Adults
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Radiotherapy Survival Kit &pipe; For Adults
Deluxe Cancer Care Gift Package &pipe; For Men
Chemo Patient Ladybird Gift Box &pipe; For Kids
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