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Top 10 Wicker Chairs

There is a lot that people do not know about wicker chairs. It is true that most of the chairs you see outside your home are made of wood or other synthetic materials, but there is more to wicker than just being raw material for construction. These days, a large number of homes are choosing wicker as the material for their outdoor furniture. While there are many benefits to owning outdoor wicker chairs, there are also some disadvantages that you should be aware of before deciding whether or not it is right for you.

Unlike many of the materials that homeowners choose for their outdoor furnishings, wicker really is a living material. Most wicker chairs today can be considered alive because they are actually covered with a protective coating. The coating of most wicker chairs is resin, which will allow the wicker chair to weather naturally in any weather. If you want to bring the chair inside of your home during severe weather, just apply a coat of weatherproof paint to the seat. If you are looking for an excellent place to relax outdoors, you may wish to consider adding a small sunroom to your patio area.

While most wicker chairs are woven together to create one chair, there are different types of wicker chairs that only have one frame. The seat of these chairs is usually constructed entirely out of wicker or other raw material and then painted or treated with a weatherproof coating. Many of these chairs have fabric slats, and they look very similar to recliners. They are often seen in outdoor pool areas, but there are also outdoor wicker chairs that are simple and elegant. Some of these chairs have very elaborate cushioning, while others feature very simple cushions woven in place.

There are many benefits to purchasing wicker furniture as opposed to purchasing outdoor furniture made out of wood, plastic or metal. One benefit is that wicker furniture tends to be much less expensive than other materials. Another benefit is that because wicker furniture is naturally resistant to weather, it can withstand many outdoor elements. Synthetic materials will need to be treated every time they are left outside in order to keep them looking nice. Outdoor furniture made out of synthetic materials will often get stained or moldy if they are exposed to water or moisture on a regular basis. In comparison, plastic and metal are easily damaged by the sun, wind and rain and will need to be replaced more often.

There are some basic things that you should keep in mind when looking at purchasing wicker furniture. The first thing that you should think about is the size of the patio or sunroom you plan on building. Sunrooms and patios are different sizes than your average backyard. You need to make sure that your patio or sunroom furniture will fit appropriately. In some cases, you may be able to buy patio furniture pieces that already have been sized to fit your space, but this is the most difficult case scenario as you are then faced with having to cut and trim the pieces to fit together properly.

Once you know the size of your patio or sunroom, you need to think about the style you are looking for. There are several different styles to choose from, such as modern, country, Victorian, oriental, formal and contemporary. Each of these has its own unique look that sets it apart from all of the others. Some people like to go with a more antique, rustic, or colonial look to their patio or sun room. Wicker patio and dining chairs in these types of styles are perfect for creating a more country feel to the area.

If you have built a larger patio or sun room, you may want to consider adding indoor wicker chairs instead of the standard outdoor ones. There are so many different styles of indoor wicker chairs that you will be hard pressed to choose just one. There are even a few styles of rocking chairs that also come in an indoor version. These indoor rocking chairs provide you with the opportunity to add your own personal touches to the outside of your home while still enjoying all of the great outdoor views that you have to offer.

Finally, there are some concerns that you should keep in mind when purchasing synthetic wicker furniture. First, make sure that you are purchasing furniture that is made of only natural materials. Most synthetic resin wicker furniture will not last very long. Also, check the weather stripping that is included on the chairs and tables. This will help protect the chairs from being left out in the elements too long.

wicker chairsWhen you hear about Wicker furniture or Wicker chairs you might end up thinking about a specific material that such a furniture or chair may be made from, however, it does not refer to any specific material instead it’s a general term used to refer to woven furniture and accents.  Some of the material that are commonly used include rattan, bamboo, sea-grass and similar other synthetic and natural hard fibers. The most popular material used is usually return especially it’s “vine” version.

It would therefore depend upon the actual material that has been used to manufacture wicker chairs. This is why you will often find that wicker chairs and rattan chairs can usually be used interchangeably however all rattan chairs are usually wicker chairs but not all wicker chairs would necessarily be made from rattan.

Wicker furniture is categorized among those that are the most beautiful and appealing to the eye as wicker itself, not only appears aesthetically pleasant but also boasts durability and is long lasting. Anyone looking for a piece of furniture for their home or even their office or their commercial premises would want not only something that would be beautiful but also a piece of furniture that would be long lasting and for these types of people wicker is definitely the most appropriate furniture material for to go for.

Uses Of A Wicker Chair

Wicker chairs are usually purchased for people to sit on however they tend to have an additional use too and that is to sometimes use as a platform to reach out to your cupboards or heights that may be beyond your reach. And the reason wicker chairs are preferred is because of their sturdiness and durability which is what makes them useful for different types of environments. A strong chair would always stand different types of uses.

There are different types of Wicker chairs available in the market with a variety of different designs and styles, and there is an increasing demand for these types of chairs too given the numerous advantages that they come with, however most of them maintain their unique quality and characteristics which is what makes people go for wicker chairs in the first place.

Advantage of Wicker Chairs

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Wicker chairs look extremely and amazingly beautiful and apart from the colour that is naturally retained for these types of chairs, their weaved patterns add to their beauty. So if you are looking for charm and elegance for your seating environment then a set of Wicker chairs would be all you need as they would look pleasantly different from traditional plastic chairs and chairs made out of wood and other material.

  • Durability and Sturdiness

Wicker chairs are quite strong and long lasting and they have often been found to outlive their own owners. This is because they are made from fibrous material which guarantees their strength and durability. Most types of material used to weave wicker chairs such as rattan, are usually flexible and resilient which would withstand all types of weather conditions. So, if you would like a set of chairs that would be long-lasting then wicker chairs, especially rattan chairs would be what you should be going for.

  • Safety

Another advantage of wicker chairs is that they are relatively safer compared to other types of chairs as they are stronger as well as lightweight. You can carry them with ease and move them around and if they fall over you then you can still be sure of sustaining no significant injuries in most cases, depending upon the actual nature of the chair that you end up going for. They can handle your weight as well as withstand rough usage by children.

  • Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of wicker chairs is that they are easy to maintain and clean which is an important routine for chairs of all types. Wicker chairs can easily be wiped off with a clean cloth to remove any dust or stain that may have accumulated over time, however, you should be getting into the habit of maintaining them on a regular basis so they do not stain or accumulate dust at all.

  • Cost Effective

Wicker chairs are beautiful and long-lasting but they are cost-effective too so you will find them being sold at cheaper prices compared to those that are made up of other material types. Whether you would like to use them as dining chairs or spare  chairs to relax on in your backyard, wicker chairs would be a perfect addition to the range of home and garden furniture that you already have.