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Mexican Style Pine Corona Sideboards

When you talk about sideboards, it is difficult to not mention the Mexican style Corona sideboards which continue to gain in popularity as they offer  great value for money without compromising on design and style. While sideboards may be designed to be used in kitchens however due the nature of some kitchens where space tends to be a major concern, Corona sideboards give that special blend for them to be furnished anywhere within your home.

The Corona sideboard range can be used to store not only glassware and crockery but also other items like trophies, photographs, CD/DVDs, bed linen and so on. Like you can see, you could store virtually anything in corona sideboards as they provide a good storage solution and tend to prove useful when you have items that become a challenge to decide where to store.

Best Mexican Style Pine Corona Sideboards

Sideboards have been a very popular furniture item for many generations.  Because of their versatility in both form and function, they have become timeless pieces and serve as the perfect addition to almost any room, regardless of the décor style.

corona sideboards

Corona Sideboards – What They Are

Corona sideboards are basically Mexican style pine sideboards which have become popular because they can effectively meet the needs of different families.  There are different sizes with relevant door and drawer combinations as seen above which you can pick according to your needs.

You should therefore pick a sideboard in accordance with your preferences and requirements so you neither go for a large sideboard that would prove to be difficult to store without blocking your way to and within your kitchen, nor do you go for small corona sideboard that is not going to meet your requirements of storing away your essential items.

Mexican style corona sideboards are ideal because they tend to offer good value for money while proving to be sturdy and durable at the same time. It would all depend upon how you maintain them as they can even be polished to give them that additional shine which could make your visitors wonder where you got the idea from.

So, if you want to go for a corona sideboard, you should seek tips and ideas on how you could maintain it. You may want to look for information on how to maintain and add value in terms of shine and appeal to pine furniture as these Mexican style corona sideboards are made up of solid pine.

Uses Of Pine Corona Sideboards

Sideboards are used for many purposes.  They can simply be used to add a decorative element to any room, or they can be used to serve a specific function.  In a dining room, the can serve as an extra serving space, as well as a storage space for china, glassware and serving ware.  In an entryway, a sideboard can take the place of a smaller table and can fill the void in a large foyer.  Again, in the foyer, this piece may be used as a decorative element or for storage.  In a family room, a sideboard can serve as an entertainment stand as well as a storage space.  The options are almost endless.

Among the vast variety of sideboards available, the Corona sideboard stands out above the rest.  The classic design of a Corona sideboard makes it the perfect addition to almost any home.  Corona sideboards are available in a variety of sizes, and range from a small one door piece, up to a much larger sideboard complete with four doors.  In addition to the variance in the number of doors, the number of drawers on the sideboard varies as well.

Traditionally, a Corona sideboard is made of Mexican pine.  More recently, however, the corona sideboards have become available in a variety of finishes, making it an even more versatile piece of furniture.  A Corona sideboard is a perfect addition to any room, and can be style as either modern or traditional, depending on the finish.

Decorating Pine Sideboards

Another consideration for your Corona sideboard is how to highlight it.  When decorated in the trendy “shabby chic” decorating style, your Corona sideboard becomes a charming focus of your room.  Are you looking for something more artsy? Try a piece of painted pottery with a colorful scarf atop it.  If you are looking for a more sleek and elegant presentation, a simple silver sculpture with perhaps a spiky plant will highlight this aspect of the furniture.

Another option for your Corona sideboard is to paint it.  Do it yourself furniture finishing has recently become all the rage, and the sideboard is the perfect piece on which to practice this craft.  A whitewashed Corona sideboard is very lovely, and again, adds to the versatility of this piece.  Chalk paint is another current painting trend.  Painting your Corona sideboards in a teal, seafoam green, pale pink or any other color that suits your fancy will make this the perfect piece to fit into any style home, and in almost any room in your house.

In many families, a Corona sideboard is handed down from one generation to the next.  Due to its timeless style, and versatility the sideboard makes the perfect heirloom.  If you do not already have a Corona sideboard, the time is ripe to purchase one!

What Is Available

When going through the corona sideboards range, you will realize that there are different sizes and drawer/door combinations available in the market. It would therefore be a good idea for you to establish your requirements before you could go ahead selecting the right one that would best fit your usage needs.

Some of the options available include the following;

  • 2-door 2-drawer
  • 3-door 3-drawer
  • 2-door 3-drawer
  • 1-door 4-drawer
  • 2-door 5-drawer

So, if you have more smaller items to store than larger ones then you will need more drawers than doors. Likewise, if you have more larger items then you would need fewer drawers. It would all depend upon the number of items, their sizes, the amount of space available to place your sideboard in together with your budget of course. All these factors would together contribute towards determine which types of corona sideboards would be good for your needs.