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event shelter

Event shelters are a popular choice for outdoor entertaining during the summer, as they provide a cool, shady area for parties and family BBQs. They are also ideal for camping holidays. They can be bought from PS50 for a basic pop-up design to over PS200 for a more deluxe version with extra features. Generally, the more expensive models are larger, can cope with higher winds, and often come with additional accessories.

The standard Asper Event Shelter is lightweight and easy to transport, and is made from a durable UV-50-rated material. The shelter is 365cm wide and 365cm deep, providing sheltered space for your market stall, studio, or eating area. Its thick, UV50+ fabric offers exceptional protection against the sun and wind.

This lightweight, portable shelter can be easily assembled and disassembled in under an hour. It comes with a transport bag to make transportation easier. In addition, the tent requires no tools for assembly, and can be branded to add more branding space or a completely closed off event area. It can accommodate up to 50 people, which is perfect for small events.

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