Garden Deck Chairs

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Garden deckchairs are for those who like to lie down rather then just remain seated for a long time outdoors. Ideal for those who return from work early or those who just want to spend their weekends in their gardens sunbathing and getting some nap at the same time.

A garden deck chair is basically a folding bench, usually made of some other material or with a frame made of some other metal or wood. The word today normally refers to a single-seater folding bench, having only a single strip of soft fabric or plastic (the backrest) or fabric covered steel framing the seat and back. It was originally intended for leisure on a deck of an ocean liner or large cruise ship, initially on the decks of visiting boats. Today, most families use them in their backyard decks and porches. The variety of designs available has led to increased production and sales.

The most popular type used in the USA today is the chair with two arms, the seat being laid flat and the back rest rolled up. These are the most well known and often the most expensive. Many manufacturers have extended the “breeze” design by introducing a second arm attached to the same piece of wood behind the forward seat. This allows for greater comfort when seating for larger groups.

Homeowners prefer outdoor deck chairs because they can be easily stored when not in use. Many of them also provide great outdoor seating for entertaining. Many are designed with added storage space under the seat for use as an umbrella rack or a picnic table. They are a functional and attractive addition to any home.

There are many styles to choose from, including: backless, padded, or motorized, rounded, teak, and wrought iron. You can add your own touches by choosing cushions, backrests or arm rests. When purchasing properly, outdoor deck chairs will provide years of outdoor use and enjoyment. They are durable and can withstand all the wear and tear of repeated family outings and seasons of fun and sun.

Garden deck chairs are available in all price ranges and styles. Prices will vary depending on materials and the manufacturer. You can find chairs that have an iron base and steel arms. Others may be made of plastic or vinyl with a wooden frame. Wooden chairs offer the best value and stability for families that want to provide seating in their outdoor deck area.

The chair should be sturdy and able to withstand the weather. They can also be covered with fabric if desired. Little maintenance is required on a regular basis, such as oiling the frame and replacing loose hardware. The arm rests should be periodically replaced if worn. If food or beverages get spilled on a chair, wipe up immediately.

Weather damage is one of the main causes of outdoor furniture needing repair. Wipe up any spilled beverages immediately. Check garden deck chairs for holes and cracks before using them for next season. For chairs that are painted, use a solvent-based paint to repaint and keep the wood new. The same rule applies for metal outdoor furniture.

Garden deck chairs can be used indoors too, when placed inside a humidifier or climate controlled environment like a porch or porches. To prevent damage to the wood, do not drag outdoor furniture indoors. Use a dolly to lift the pieces to move inside. Garden deck chairs should be made from a hardwood deck for durability. They can also be used outside year round in hot weather or as a patio addition to a gazebo.

A wooden garden deck is ideal for families with children. The sturdy design makes it easy to entertain. If the garden seat is screened in, the kids can stay dry and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. The cushions can be replaced easily as they wear down.

Garden chairs can be purchased pre-made from stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you have the time and handyness, your own kit can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. There are a number of options available. Ergonomic chairs with added back support, extra cushioning, storage baskets, adjustable back rests and drawers, are all available to suit your needs.

Do your research, choose the style that best suits your family and budget. A garden deck chair is a wonderful investment. It can become an heirloom that your children can pass down through generations. This special chair will be enjoyed by many and will endure the changing trends in design.

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