Garden Water Features

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Garden water features generally refer to features like waterfalls, fountains and similar other structures built on your garden to make the garden more attractive and beautiful with their natural settings. When picking a garden water feature, you ought to identify the kind of creative landscape you desire as the features are of different varieties to suit different kinds of gardens.

Some of the varieties to choose from when adding a water feature in your garden include, natural rock pools with fountains which blend with the plants grown on the garden or more modern arrangements built from stone balls and other quasi materials.

Top 10 Best Garden Water Features

Benefits Of Water Features

garden water features

When constructing or purchasing a water feature you ought to consider the following tips in order to design the best.

  • Appearance:  First and foremost, you should consider the design of garden water features. The garden design should bring out a natural appearance. You should ensure that you have created a higher ground level for the water fall so as to limit its artificial appearance. You can do this by building mounds of soil which are coated to make them stick together or you can use cairns of rocks. The garden water features change the appearance and looks of your compound as they provide a sensational look of your garden that gives it a natural feeling. This is done by blending the garden with rocks and water small waterfalls.
  • Sound: one of the best sound you ever hear in life it the sound of a waterfall and the calming sound of a flowing stream. The sound created by a waterfall is usually very relaxing unlike other music from records. The sound from singing birds also provide a good natural feeling even if you are in an urban area where you never get to see any natural feature.
  • Light: The fountain as a garden feature is used to refract and reflect light in the compound. Sunlight may sometimes caught on the glass and reflected off or you will in fact at other times enjoy the lighting in it. This is usually in a form where LEDs lighting underneath the water will be projected in form of an electric neon green or blue ray during the evening thus providing a very hypnotic environment.
  • Wildlife: Garden water features usually attract lots of wildlife especially birds to you compound. The birds often come to bath or drink water from the water features. The birds provide a good watching site for wildlife as the sing sweet melodies and colour the compound with their beautiful colours.

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Pick Wisely

Garden water features therefore bring with them a number of advantages however you will have to be creative and smart enough when you do your selections. You will have to consider the size of garden together with your location when looking for appropriate features. This way, you will be able to get the best of features that would serve your purposes and add to the ambiance of your home.

For those enthusiastic about giving their gardens the best of appearances, here are some great garden water features for you to consider. Note that they vary is sizes and materials they are made from, so choose wisely considering the nature of your garden and its surroundings.

You might also be interested in solar-powered water features to make things easier for you to work with.


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