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Fly Zappers

Are mosquitoes and flies making life difficult for you to enjoy? Do you often have to party outdoors or in your backyard where you barbecue but flies interfere thereby risking your food hygiene? Well, all you need is a fly zapper or a fly swatter whatever you may call it or whatever your preference may be. There are different types of fly zappers or swatters designed to meet individual needs as not everyone would want to go for a handheld fly zapper or not everyone would want to go for electric fly zapper or swatter for some genuine reasons. To give you good choices to select from, here is a list of the best sellers that you may want to review and consider picking one for your insect and bug extermination needs,

When it comes to selecting an Electric Fly Zap for your house or commercial property you only have two choices – either fly zappers or fly traps. Both of these devices utilize a metal wire that is placed within a flying insect and acts as an electric fly trap. In order to work properly, you need to place the fly zapper in an area where there are flying insects. However if you are wanting to use a fly trap, you will need to ensure they are in an enclosed space such as a basement, garage, or shed.

Electric fly zappers use ultraviolet light to attract flying insects into the device and then use a releasing grid to kill off the insect. The release grid will attract any living creatures that are inside the area and will release them into the air once the device is turned on. The idea is to trap the insects outside and repel them back into the room where they can not survive. This works well indoors but will not work effectively outdoors.

The concept of using electric fly zappers has been around for many years. They have however, become far more popular over recent years due to their simplicity and effectiveness. An Electric Fly Trap uses a simple design and concept which are very easy to operate. The fly zapper is simply placed within an area such as your garden, outside, garage or shed and works by killing off any dead flies and/or mosquitoes that land on its sensors. It then securely releases the dead fly into a catch tray so that you can dispose of them regularly. On a regular basis it will continue to work ensuring no live bugs are in the catch tray.

To ensure the success of your fly zappers, you will need to ensure it targets both flying and crawling insects. This is achieved by activating the device with either light sources or a mesh wire mesh. As stated earlier, light sources are the most effective as they cannot be avoided by jumping insects. You should however, try to aim for areas where there is no direct sunlight. Crawling insects such as mosquitoes and biting insects must also be killed through the use of light sources.

The mesh wire mesh used in fly zappers is essential as it acts as a ‘killing grid’ by attracting flying insects such as mosquitoes to land on it. As these insect’s feed off the blood drawn from the fly’s body, they are left with nothing to eat and die off. As the fly zapper operates by releasing a fly killer into the air, the insects quickly find themselves dead in the catch tray. However, as long as the device is regularly turned on and remains unplugged, it will kill off all insects within its range. This is why it is important to turn the device off after each use to prevent over zapping.

There are many different models of commercial fly zappers available for purchase on the market. Some are suitable for use in residential areas, while others are best suited to use in commercial kitchens and dining areas. Although commercial kitchens and dining areas are ideal locations for bug zappers, they are often impractical and too big to fit in residential kitchens. However, there are models available that can be attached to the wall and used in this manner. These models are often more effective as they come with a switch that enables the user to adjust the level of heat released.

Fly zappers which operate using a UV light source are the most effective in terms of attracting flies to land on the device and subsequently kill off. These types of fly zappers operate by releasing an ultraviolet (UV) light which kills insects instantly. The UV rays penetrate the human skin, causing it to ignite and therefore exploding and emitting UV rays that kill off all live insects within range of the device. UV fly zappers can be used both indoors and outdoors and can therefore be used in places such as residential kitchens and dining areas.

Some types of ultraviolet fly zappers emit ultrasound, which can sometimes cause mild discomfort and nausea to humans. To reduce the potential effect of these effects, the user should turn the device on only when it is necessary. If the fly zappers are turned on continuously, then they could potentially kill anyone who is near them and even themselves if they were wearing the required protective clothing. Most models of ultraviolet fly zappers available on the market employ a sensing system which activates when the flying insects land on the sensor. This makes them highly effective at killing flies and other flying insects, however they do have the potential to harm humans.

Battery Powered vs Electric Fly Zappers

If you only have occasional issues with flies and other little flying insects then handheld or racket style fly zappers may be ideal as they are portable enough for you to move around with and use at different places regardless of where you may have issues with flies.

  • Battery powered fly zappers provide you with a cost effective solution to control flies without being restricted to a particular area or when you do not have issues with flies concentrated in a particular area or room for example.
  • For restaurants or other setups where flies need to be controlled from a certain area or from a specific room, and when this has to be done constantly then electric fly zappers or fly swatters would work better as these would then not call for manual intervention every time.

Does that mean you only have to pick either of the types of fly zappers available in the market? Not at all as you could purchase both battery powered and electric fly zappers and use them simultaneously for best results.

If you are going for electric fly zappers for restaurants then you may want to consider going for both electric zappers as well as portable handheld battery operated fly zappers to ensure your dining area is totally clear from flies.

Buying A Fly Zapper or Swatter Online

The easiest way of getting to choose the best model and brand of a fly zapper would appear to be online as you have the best chance of going for one based upon customer reviews and feedback. Local stores dealing in fly zappers would only appear to have limited varieties in stock and if you choose to purchase through them then you would find yourself being restricted in every way.

Shopping for them online would enable you to pick from a good enough variety covering different manufacturers and their various models which makes things easier for you. The more positive reviews a particular model of a fly zapper enjoys, the better it would be for you to go for it knowing that it is loved by existing owners based upon its effectiveness in helping you deal with pest control.