Handmade Bags

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Handmade Bags: The sheer importance of individuality Handmade bags are not mass-produced by an automated machine and therefore have their own significance. Handmade bags are made by an artisan in his or her own studio/lodge and not by a machine. The latter mass-manufactures every object in very less time, leaving very little room for creativity, and so, inevitably, everything is mass-produced. But handmade bags are not mass-produced; instead they are handcrafted by the master craftsman in his or her own studio. They are made only by the hand – no machines.

How long have handmade bags been around? Handmade handbag dates back to many centuries, depending on whom you ask, as they say. The actual date may be place-dependent, with historians citing both Egyptian and Chaldean history as evidence. The actual source of the term ‘handmade bags’ is not certain, and some even believe that it originated in India, since the bulk of handmade Indian handbags is leather.

Handmade bags vary greatly in style, size and price. There are large purses made in leather, which are often used in evening occasions such as wedding or party, and there are simple bags available for daily use such as running around. Handmade bags can also be monogrammed, embellished or decorated, or contain beads, sequins, stones or crystals as the sole embellishment.

What is involved in making a hand-stitched bag? Like any other craft, the process of making a handmade bag requires tools, fabrics, needle and thread, patterns to be worked out, tools to sew them together and lastly, patience. If the first stage has been properly prepared, then the process is relatively simple. Handmade bags include clutch bags, duffel bags, satchel bags, backpacks, shopping bags, diaper bags and baby bags among others. Some bags are machine-sewn and some are hand-sewn. It depends on the type of bag that needs to be made.

Monogrammed and decorated bags are the most costly, as they are considered high-end fashion items. However, one can make these bags at home with minimal cost. Handmade paper bags are less expensive as compared to monogrammed and decorated bags, and they are practical and less heavy to carry heavy, as well.

For daily usage, leather bags are preferred as they are available in wide varieties of colors and shades and they look good with any outfit. On the other hand, paper bags are good for occasional or seasonal usage and they are easy to maintain and clean, since they are devoid of any special coat of paint or dye. Paper bags also look good in combination with any outfit. They are easy to pack and unpack, and they are less expensive than their leather or canvas counterparts.

Leather bags are preferred by many people, as they offer good protection from weather. They are durable and they last longer. While one may have to pay slightly higher rates for leather bags in comparison to Rajasthan bags, the latter is favored because of its heavy durability. The quality of leather also determines the price of a bag. Rajasthan bags are generally more expensive as compared to other types of bags.

Most of the bags are handmade, and therefore they are more durable and better looking. One may buy a good quality bag at reasonable prices. Handmade Indian bags can be bought from the local stores in one’s city or town, and one can even make such bags at home. This way one can make use of their creativity and imagination while making such bags. These bags are very attractive, and one gets a sense of pride while carrying them. These bags can also be carried on a truck or a motorcycle.

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