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Children’s Wall Murals

childrens wallmurals

Wall murals are very popular nowadays in children’s bedrooms all over the world.  Wall murals are artwork that is painted on an entire wall or ceiling and they can be of a variety of different scenes and designs.

Best Cheap Children’s Wall Murals

Wall decals can also be purchased and stuck on the wall to give the illusion of a wall mural and are often less expensive than a wall mural that is painted by a professional.  They can be painted professional by artists or painters or can be created by the child or family as a whole.  Wall murals are a great addition to any child’s room and have many additional benefits.

Buying Guide

Girls Bedrooms

When deciding on a wall mural for your daughter’s room, it is crucial to discover her interests and the things that she enjoys and likes to do and then implement that into the creative wall mural.  For example, if she loves Disney princesses then painting a wall mural that tells the story of a Disney princess would be perfect.  If she loves the beach then a beach scene could be used.  Wall murals with beautiful scenes are commonly found in young girl’s bedrooms and are extremely popular.  The murals in girl’s bedrooms don’t necessarily have to be feminine or girly.  They can be anything that your child desires and also it is a good idea to make sure that it complements the room theme as well.

Boys Bedrooms

If your son wants a wall mural, then it is important that you use the same basic guidelines as you would when deciding on a wall mural for a girl.  First, figure out what your son likes and enjoys doing and then use that in the wall mural.  Boys often like outdoor scenes of woods or trucks or something of that manner but make sure that you choose what your son wants exactly.  Once again, the wall mural doesn’t necessarily have to be manly but can be a scene of the sky or a beach or anything that the child likes.

Selection Tips

There are a few essential considerations that are important to make when choosing a wall mural.  First of all, it is important to decide who will paint it.  Some families want the child to use their creative side and paint their own mural or work together as a family to create it.  Other families want a professional and neat looking wall mural that isn’t sloppy or messy.

It is probably the best idea to hire someone professional to paint the mural because then it will look perfect and there will be no mistakes.  Cost is the next greatest factor.  Cost may not be an issue for all families but if it is then looking around for deals is a great idea.  Also, you can get a wall decal or wall sticker that is the size of the wall and stick it right on.

There are thousands of ideas and options online for those specifically.  Another thing to consider is how long the child will like their wall mural and want their room to stay the way it is now.  Children of a young age grow and mature very quickly and it can be hard to keep up with their fast-growing tastes and personality.

Choosing something that is appropriate for all ages is one option.  An example of that may be an outdoor scene of some sort or anything you choose.  Another option is just to paint over the wall mural with one color of paint or with another wall mural when the child wants a change in their room.

The last thing to keep in mind is to coordinate the wall mural theme with the theme of the room.  For example, if the room theme is Disney princesses and the wall mural is of a car then that doesn’t fit well and can look messy or out of place.  If that is what your family chooses and if that is what the child wants then it is perfectly fine but it is also a good idea to make sure everything matches and looks neat and clean instead of chaotic and messy.

Benefits of Kids Wall Murals

There are quite a few benefits of wall murals.  First of all, they can spark a child’s imagination.  Children love to play and explore and imagine things and situations.  They can pretend different things and if they coincide with the theme of the wall mural then the child can feel like they are really there.

Wall murals can be a great and fun tool to help encourage the child’s imagination.  Wall murals can also help to spice up an otherwise boring room with possibly white walls.  They can make the room more lively and fun for the child which they will definitely appreciate.

Wall murals can brighten the atmosphere of a child’s room and make it seem exciting and fun.  They can seemingly transport a person into a new scene or world.  Since the child will most likely be choosing what goes on the wall mural, they can feel like they are in control of their room and they can feel grown-up.

Wall murals are very popular and are found frequently in children’s bedrooms.  They can help to personalize the child’s bedroom and give them a chance to pick out how they want it to be and choose the wall mural.  Wall murals are perfect for boys and girls and there are many different designs on the internet to choose from if you can’t think of your own idea.

Hiring someone to paint the mural is a good idea because they are a professional and are talented at what they do.  The wall mural can make the child’s bedroom come to life and be more exciting and fun than before.  It can also encourage the child to be imaginative and use their creativity.  It is important to keep in mind that you should choose something that the child likes and enjoys and will want in their room for years to come.