Potato Chippers

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When you need to clean up potato chips and prepare French fries, there are certain kitchen tools that should be on hand. The French fry is one of the most popular chips in town and should not be left in the pan for too long. Here are some things to consider when preparing this dish.

* Knife: A potato chipper and a sharp knife are the only two knives that are necessary for this task. For safety reasons, make sure that the knives are completely sharp and free of rust or corrosion. You do not want the metal of the knife to be scratched or damaged while preparing the dish. It is also advisable to keep a small towel or kitchen towel by your potato chopper. This will allow you to easily transfer the chips from the chopper to the dishwasher safely and cleanly.

* Dishwasher Safe Chips: The kitchen should be as safe as possible when you use these chips in the dishwasher. However, you can help prevent damage to the dishes by using a silicone seal to keep the chips from being destroyed in the dishwasher. The silicone seal can easily be removed with a heat gun and is very easy to do. There is no need to place the chips in the dishwasher. Just toss them into the dishwasher, and then run the dishwasher as normal.

potato chippers

* Steel Chip cutter: A potato chipper with steel blades is very sturdy and versatile. It will last for many years before needing to be replaced. When choosing a steel chipper, it is important to examine the blades to ensure that they are strong enough to handle the weight of the chips. Look for steel that is one or two inches in depth to make it easier to cut through thick potato chips. This material is also stronger than plastic.

* Durable Blades: A potato chipper with durable steel blades is more likely to last longer and will not need replacing as often. Just remember that you are dealing with sharp metal cutting tools. The edges can be dull, however, and blades can become blunt over time. For this reason, you may want to invest in a quality knife sharpener and file for regular use.

* Sharp Cutting Blades: Only choose a potato chipper that features sharp steel cutting blades. There are some types of chippers on the market today that offer plastic cutting blades that will dull quickly if used to cut through heavy potato chips. This means that you need to replace the blades sooner, which can become a bother.

* Blade Style Choices: The potato chipper blades can be either sharpened up or down. For maximum performance, you may want to purchase a unit that includes both a sharpening blade and a potato chipper that utilize a non-sharpening blade. Using both together will allow for a steeper cut and a greater chance of cutting through larger chunks of potatoes. The sharpening option is most convenient when operating the chipper at home. However, a non-sharpened blade will provide a great deal of versatility when working in an outdoor area.

* Durable Blade Technology: Today’s potato chippers use cutting blades that utilize solid stainless steel, which is very durable and easily maintained. Because of this, you can enjoy several hours of continuous use, even in the harshest conditions. If your potato chopper includes blades made from stainless steel, there is less need to clean the device, which is often necessary with other types of garden machinery. Additionally, stainless steel blades are typically more affordable than those made from other materials. You can find many different models of potato choppers, each providing different features.


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