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Potato cutters allow easy slicing of potatoes into different shapes for baking or frying. Potato cutters are generally hand-held mechanical machines used for quickly cutting potatoes into the desired shapes, such as flat French fries, round French fries and so on. These cutters have a rotating cutting blade and a cutting tool attached to the cutting mechanism that rotates the blades at high speeds. They are used to slice potatoes into the desired shape without destroying them in the process. Potato cutters are available for purchase either in stores or online. Most stores stock potato cutters that come with different accessories, such as sharpening knives, covers for potatoes and related materials and protective cases to keep the potato cutter free from wear and tear.

Potato Cutters – Reviews and Ratings

The most common potato cutter is the straight edge type. It has a long handle and a metal bar that pierces the middle of the sweet potato, which allows the blades to slice through the skin easily. It is suitable for large-sized sweet potatoes and is one of the most widely used types of cutters. Another popular type of potato cutter is the peel and squeeze cutter that squeezes the sweet potato until it is open at the center. This allows the user to insert the handle of the cutter easily into the potato and then uses the blade to cut it in the desired pattern. Although it is considered to be a safe utensil when used properly, some children might be harmed if they put their fingers into the potato.

The main disadvantage of using potato cutters is the danger of getting your hands wet or having the blades get stuck in the sweet potato. Although there is a safety valve that prevents the blades from being damaged, it can be difficult to control the speed of the blade when it is moving at high speeds. Most potato cutters that come with safety valve also have non-slip feet, which ensure that your children will not slip on the cutting board. If you want to buy a product that has non-slip feet, make sure that it has an automatic cut feature so that the user will not accidentally slip while using the machine.

The French fry cutter with peeler is very popular in the US because of its easy use. A French fry is a potato that is deep-fried and is considered to be a healthy food compared to other potato snacks. This is why most chefs prefer to use a French fry cutter with peeler so that they will be able to produce the healthiest fries for their customers.

In addition to the size, there are different shapes and sizes of French fry cutters. These kitchen tools vary in sizes depending on the intended use. Small commercial French fry cutters for home use are usually portable, small, and made from lightweight materials. You can easily carry and move them to areas where it is needed most. However, if you have a lot of French fries to peel then you should consider getting a large commercial tool that could accommodate several machines.

Some commercial cutters also come with other features such as heavy-duty stainless steel blades. It is important to have a cutter that can cut potatoes with even heat and uniform distribution. Some potato peelers come with two parallel steel plates to evenly distribute heat while cutting. These plates are very helpful to have because they ensure that your potatoes won’t get burned. Another great feature of commercial cutters is their universal voltage that makes it easier to use even if you have electrical problems in your home. They are also very durable and can withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from size and shape, you need to consider the type of cutters that you get for your potato-peeling project. There are cutters that are made from steel and are very ideal for deep-seating or cooking a big batch of fries. Meanwhile, there are those that come in plastic and are ideal for use during the summer time. If you want something that will last longer but is still perfect for preparing small fries, then you should choose metal-based cutters. It is very versatile and can make the best quality fries without worrying about damaging them.

Aside from the design and capacity of your potato slicer, the most important aspect of your kitchen equipment is durability and safety. For example, you don’t want to risk having your electric potato cutter get cut into if it accidentally slips out of your hands or gets caught on a magnetic surface in the kitchen. It is best to choose a durable kitchen tool that comes with a safety guard to minimize risks of accidents when using it. Also, never forget to check on its cord length to make sure it can reach all parts of your kitchen.

potato cutters

Would you like access to potato cutters that make life easier for you in the kitchen when dealing with potatoes? Different types of tools and accessories have been used in the kitchen to cut potatoes for different recipes as there are countless sizes and shapes of cuts that you may want to have your potatoes in. However, not all have been appreciated or liked making it extremely puzzling for many to decide which accessory would be good enough to pursue and furnish their kitchen with. If therefore, you would like to get an idea on which varieties of potato cutters are loved by many then take a look at the following list.

There is no doubt that you may want to cut potatoes in different shapes and different designs so a single cutter may not be enough for you to achieve all of your goals. You will want to have an idea on what shapes and sizes you would like your potatoes in before deciding which tool would be ideal for it. The following list of potato cutters arranged by their Amazon sales ranks would allow you to get an idea on what is available and which one you could be picking based on your specific needs. There is no harm in going for a few different designs and types of potato cutters so you have an appropriate tool available when you are ready to prepare your next meal making use of potatoes.

Take a look at potato cutters with their reviews and ratings to help you decide which ones you could be going for. Make sure you read reviews as previous buyers may have their feedback published which you could benefit from. This would save you from going for a model that appears to be popular but has not received any positive ratings. A type of potato cutter that gets numerous positive reviews and highest star ratings would probably be good for your needs.


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