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Singer Sewing Machines are one of the world’s most renowned brands. Singer has been in this business for a very long time and has successfully kept pace with the changing trends. Being a leading manufacturer of household and commercial sewing machines for the last sixty years, it has created a good name for itself in the market. The brand is synonymous with quality and performance. It has also created a niche for itself in the home sewing market for its easy-to-use features.

Singer Sewing Machines manufacture sewing equipment that can perform various tasks easily and swiftly. These machines have a variety of features including digital controls, multiple speeds, needle wheel, heavy-duty, embroidery support, quality and standard threading, de-slip tread feet, smooth drawer operation, and many more. It is very famous for its heavy-duty models. Heavy-duty units from Singer are made of durable materials like steel or aluminum and are long-lasting. In addition to these heavy-duty units, Singer also manufactures light-duty versions of their machines. They are made of plastic or fabric and have all the same features.

There are several types of Singer sewing machines available in the market. It consists of general, semi-automatic and high-powered professional units. It categorizes its products under numerous groups. According to these groups, one can purchase different models such as; basic, pattern, embroidery, denim, Singer sewing machines for quilting, kids’ sewing kits, home, industrial and specialist units. Following is a brief overview of each group.

The antique Singer sewing machine is one of the antique machines manufactured by the company. The machine is designed in a very elegant manner and is known for being robust, powerful and long lasting. With this, the machine is manufactured in either metric or standard units. There are two models of the antique sewing machine; one is with a twenty-four hour port and the other is with a sixty-six-hour port.

The high-powered Singer sewing machines include the sixty-eight hour portable and seventy-two hour portable models. These models are manufactured for heavy-duty work. They also consist of features that ensure ease of use and speed of stitching. The best singer sewing machines include; Best Value, Best Prices and Best Performance.

Singer 18551 sewing machine is known for its excellent and user-friendly features. It has an astounding feature known as the slide-rule, which simplifies the task of measuring by having a line measuring the length between needles. It has an amazing feature known as the needle gauge where the user can easily see the size of the stitch. This allows the sewer to determine if a stitch is too long or not and therefore eliminates any chance of running out of stitches. Another feature of the 18551 sewing machine is its innovative overload protection system where overloads on the machine are automatically detected that further ensures utmost safety.

In addition to these, there are different models for quilting and embroidery such as the Singer Quilt Mark I, II and III and the Singer Embroidery hoop. All these machines have their own specific attributes. Singer manufactures sewing machines that are ideal for home, business and professional use. In fact, the Singer brand has become so popular that even the machines are manufactured overseas where there is much lower labor cost.

Singer sewing machine models are designed to be user friendly and convenient. Singer designed its models to be highly flexible so as to meet the various needs of different people. The sewing machines today have become a part of our lives and are used at an everyday basis. One can never imagine how life without them would be.

singer sewing machinesSinger sewing machines are among the most popular and well known of sewing machine brands that you will come across, thanks to Issac Merritt Singer who had invented the first machine of its kind that was practical to use.

Since then, the Singer brand has indeed become synonymous with sewing machines and hence, given the fact that they had existed since 1851, it would only make sense to prefer Singer sewing machines over others.

However, this would very much depend upon your individual needs and experience levels with regards to stitching of clothes. And due to the variety of singer sewing machines available in the market, you would be able to find the right model and type that would be ideal for your requirements.

There are several ways of determining which singer sewing machines would be good for your sewing needs, however, one of the most popular way is by checking reviews and ratings of different models out. You will get an idea on how popular a particular model is and what reviews it has attracted and received from users who have already purchased them in the past.

Reviews and Ratings

With an experience of close to 2 centuries, the brand understands and appreciates the need for machines that can cater to various stitching techniques from straight to zigzag styles naming just a couple, which is why they have several varieties available to help you identify the one that would best serve your sewing needs and techniques. It is always good to know what you require a sewing machine for, before you go ahead and research about the right model from the right manufacturer. This way, you could be sure of going for a sewing machine that would effectively take care of your sewing needs.

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