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Top 10 Star Wars Action Figures

The Kenner toy company made a series of Star Wars action figures based on characters from the first Star Wars film trilogy. From the days when the Original Star Wars movie was released in theaters in special midnight movie presentations, through the years there have been Star Wars video games, action figures, and numerous novels, comic books, and other merchandise based on this and other Star Wars films. Over the years, over 300 different Star Wars miniatures were made and sold by the Kenner company. They also made a few robots and space ships and other stuff too. The success of the Star Wars line has led to many imitations, some of which have become popular on the home market.

All of these different kinds of Star Wars merchandise has made Star Wars fans very rich, and that is probably the reason why so many people collect them. There are lots of different styles to collect, from the ever-popular Star Wars dark spots action figures to the more realistic ones made just for kids. I’m going to give you a couple of examples of the best Star Wars miniatures and toys that have ever been made.

First let’s start with the most popular of all the Star Wars figures – the original Star Wars series. These first action figurines were very large, sometimes the size of a small child, and were carefully detailed. They came in two varieties – humanoids and machines. Some of the really rare and hard to find ones came with a life-size display model, complete with a transparent background on which the miniature figure could be seen.

Next on the list is the very cool plastic Star Wars figures with callbacks. These action figure variants exist in both the standard size and the slim-line versions. The slim-line versions feature callbacks which can be detached from the figure and placed into another cardback pack to keep the figure stored and ready to display. In fact, it was these callbacks that really helped make Star Wars collecting so popular.

One of the biggest mistakes made by Star Wars aficionados is buying the first wave of Star Wars loose figures and later losing interest or getting fed up with them. It is human nature to get things that you can’t quite get or don’t have the room for. For example, many fans started collecting Hasbro Star Wars merchandise when the company released the Death Star battle ship as part of the original movie series. Many of the die-hard fans lost interest in this, because they could no longer envision themselves holding all those tiny little soldiers in their hands. So they went out and bought something else. But now they are back, determined to get their hands on the next wave of Star Wars cards and statues.

Of course, not all die-hard Star Wars fans are willing to pay outrageous prices for authentic action figures. There are still many who prefer to buy new. If a collector is not willing to spend the money required to purchase an original Star Wars collectible, he might try to source his wares from vintage shops or online marketplaces. Some vintage items can fetch great prices even on the second hand market, and many collectors of Star Wars are happy to sell any Star Wars Action Figures that they don’t need in order to be able to afford the rest of their collection. The best place to start looking for Star Wars collectibles is on eBay, where every item that has been sold and bought can be displayed and compared.

If a collector is not satisfied with the prices that he gets for his Star Wars Action Figures, he might want to try buying used ones. These are not as rare and as valuable as the new ones, but they still have their value and can be bought for a fair price. The prices for used Star Wars collectibles will depend on how rare the item is and what condition it’s in. An extremely rare piece would attract a higher price than one just slightly worn. It’s always a good idea to have an idea of the market value for your collectible, so that you don’t overpay for something that isn’t nearly as valuable as you thought it was.

In fact, the best place to get some really neat stuff collectibles and to see what you can buy for them is at local retailers. A lot of toy stores, as well as most of the Star Wars specialty stores, have individual departments that sell mainly different kinds of Star Wars Action Figures and other neat stuff. Sometimes they also sell new in addition to used Star Wars figurines. You can check out these stores and their offerings and then come back if you want to make a purchase. Another option for buying pre-owned Star Wars Action Figures are pawnshops and garage sales, although you should be wary of buying small, cheap pre-owned toys because they probably won’t be worth much more than what you paid for them.